7 Expert Tips for Managers to Choose the Best Lottery API Solution

Getting started with running a lottery brand isn’t a complicated process – that is, if you choose the best lottery API solution. Here are 7 tips for choosing a lottery API that will have your users trying their luck straight out the box.

Tip #1: Value easy integration

A lottery API is only as good as it is easy to install. You’ll want one that is compatible with every website code and includes powerful agnostic connectors so that you can slot it into your existing gaming site quickly and easily. Your lottery API doesn’t stand on its own, after all; you want to connect it to your existing infrastructure, marketing tools, and analytics trackers. A good lottery API fits neatly into your existing ecosystem without making a fuss.

Tip #2: Be transperant

You want to be able to quickly scan all your API transactions and share reports easily, so you’ll need a lottery API that includes an easy reporting system for all the API transactions. Transparent API transactions are important for compliance reporting and accounting purposes too. 

Tip #3: Go global

Lottery crosses all geographic borders today, and your lottery API should too. A fully international lottery API should include:

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Various lottery draws from all over the world, such as from the largest jackpots like Powerball and EuroMillions as well as and instant games with smaller jackpots like Keno and hourly lotteries
  • The ability to take payment in various currencies


Tip #4: Maintain control

One of the most important things to look for is a lottery API that gives you control over your own lottery offering. That means giving you control over pricing, the ability to set your own promotions and bonuses, and a choice of payment methods.

Tip #5: Be compliant & flexibile

The lottery is controlled by gambling laws in most countries and that means that you need to be compliant. You could spend a lot of time applying for your own gambling license and jumping through hoops – or you could find an API that includes a gambling sub-license so that you can start the ball rolling straight away. A good API will permit you to adjust the technology so as to be compliant with any global gambling commission requirements.

Tip #6: Ensure mobile responsiveness

This is the 21st century! There’s no way you can get away with a non-mobile responsive lottery. Mobile gambling in general was already worth over $35 billion in 2016 and that figure is still rising. Not surprisingly, mobile lottery is part of that trend and you want to be part of it too, so make sure you get a mobile responsive lottery API. 

Tip #7: Tool up with features

A great lottery API solution doesn’t only give you the lottery API itself. It gives you a whole bunch of backend tools to go with it. That means bundle creation, group play and smart tickets, built-in marketing tools, dashboards for analysis and tracking and the ability to skim marketing insights from user data.

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